Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chapter 3 - Keys

"What do you want to do today?" Mandy asked Johnny the next morning. "What, you mean after we do it?" "Yes, of course thats first."

"I'm in Milwaukee. We need to check out Jeffery Dahmer's house." he said. "That's what you want to do?" "Of course. I'll bring my camera, it will be awesome" The two made love then googled the address. "How convenient, its only three miles away from my house," she said.

The two hopped in the car and drove towards Dahmers place of business. The two finally arrive at an empty grass lot with fence around it, the addresses on both sides seemed to skip Dahmers apartment address. Nonetheless the two snapped pictures that were later captioned by Mandy as "Johnny and I in the place where Dahmer did his naughties." Johnny never knew naughty could be pluralized. Apparently it can.

The two got in her car and started driving away. Suddenly some crackhead started yelling something at them. Sensible people would keep going. Instead the two turned around and tried to capture a picture of the random crackhead. The stopped right in front of her. Stopped the car, popped up with the camera, took the picture and floored it away.

Unfortunately the picture never turned out. They both laughed always having a good story to tell.

Next the two decided to walk along the rocks and beach along the great lakes.

It was a slightly chilly windy day. However sunny. The walked down to the beach and looked out across the water. It was amazing. Johnny and Mandy felt closer and ever.

Mandy grabbed a stick and began writing in the sand. Mandy *drawn heart*'s Johnny.
They snapped a picture. And proceeded to walk along extremely large rocks. Between each rock there was a 6 inch gap the two walked over as they talked.

Mandy walked, keys in hand. The two continued to talk until they finally decided they were going to leave. Suddenly, Mandy dropped her keys between the rocks. The keys fell 6 feet downward, landing on a patch of sand under the rocks.

The two looked at each other, looked down, "What are we going to do?" she said with her hand over her mouth. Johnny was in slight shock for a few moments surveying the situation. His experiences allowed him to stay calm and attack the issue head first.

He did just that. Johnny jumped off the rock, landing in the sand. He noticed a small space between the rocks. He wondered. Could he fit through. Would he get stuck? If he did, the keys would be the least of their worried. Nonetheless, Johnny began to army crawl through a small pathway eventually allowing him access. He then backwards crawled and had successfully retrieved the keys.

"My hero." Mandy said. "You are amazing. In so many ways" she said kissing him.
"Lets get outta here", he said as he took her hand.

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