Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chapter 1 - Johnny Meets Mandy

Mandy started as a net friend. Johnny honestly never went online to meet women, but nonetheless spent a large amount of time on the computer. It was natural he would meet net friends here and there.

In one of the earliest conversations began with the normal conversation. Mandy initially didn't take well to Johnny. Seemed extremely standoffish but Johnny played it cool. Eventually the two exchanged numbers and what started as a phone call once a week soon became everyday.

Spring 2008

Johnny planned a little weekend trip to Chicago in which he mentioned to Mandy he planned on coming up there. She was from Milwaukee and it was merely and hour. Mandy had a great job, so she frequently dropped into Chicago to do a little shopping.

Johnny had planned on taking the Megabus, the best possibly way to get from St. Louis to Chicago. Mandy had agreed to pick him up and he would meet up with his best friend Dan later.

Finally Johnny had arrived in Chicago after a 5 hour bus ride. It was 8am. Bags in hand he called Mandy. "I'm almost there, be there in 5 minutes"

She pulled around the corner and he threw his bags into her car and got in. She was a lovely bronze tan glow to her, blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and Johnny also couldn't help but notice her triple D bra size.

The two awkwardly joked, went and got something to eat. Harrys Hot Dogs which had a tiny skinny old man, most likely in his 80's. Served them a Chicago style hot dog.
The two continued to walk the city then finally decided to go back to her car. They finally make it back to her car. Suddenly, inside, there was a long pause. Their eyes met, they kissed.

Lovely. Johnny had to admit, this girl was very cool, he wanted to know her better.

A little while later the two met up with Dan. Dan was a strait shooter because he spoke his mind. Had little to no filter. The three of them decided to go shopping. Johnny figured he could use a new tie to make his outfit pop.

As they looked a ties, at one point Dan so casually says, "You guys having sex? I got a couple'a condoms in my back pocket if you want one." Without waiting for a response. "I'm gonna go sit down" he said. Johnny and Mandy looked at each other and both said, "Did he just say what I thought he said". They both burst out laughing.

Their adventure continued as they searched for a good pair of sunglasses for Dan. The three entered a store and Dan asked a flamboyant man working there. "Do you guys have mens sunglasses here?" "Yeah they're all downstairs on the lower level, they're unisex though", the man said. "Unisex?", the man replied "You know, like U-N-I Sex." Dan regularly got hit on by men, and usually did not pick up on it. This was an example of such instance.

Johnny and Mandys date went was going well enough that she invited him to come back with her for the remainder of the weekend to Milwaukee. Johnny accepted.

The two talked as they drove back to her place in Milwaukee. Finally they arrived.
She proceeded to show Johnny her place. A decent sized two bedroom 2 family flat. Clean, windows open, Milwaukee air made the house a cool, almost borderline chilly environment.

Something in the way the two were touching made it clear where this was going. Granted they knew each other, but not in person. This feeling was new.

They went to her room and began to kiss. It became clear what was happening. Johnny kissed her for a few minutes and proceeded to slide his hand up her short skirt which he had admired all day. After passionately kissing her as he pleasured her. Johnny reached in his pocket pulling out a condom. Mandy nodded willingly.

Emotions ran high, they became one for that moment.

After it was finished. They cuddled showing complete affection as if it was their usual afternoon nap session.

They made small talk, Mandy finally admitting she had not intended to sleep with Johnny during that first visit but it had felt right.

Johnny loved sex. However, he soon learned, Mandy loved sex as much as he, quite possibly more. The two continued to give themselves to each other for the remainder of the weekend taking small naps and watched tv between sessions.

The connection seemed so solid. They became closer as time rolled by.
Johnny was sad to come home but the next year and what was in store he never would have guessed.

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  1. Keep up the good work Johnny! I'm diggin the third person narration.