Saturday, September 26, 2009

Johnny Drops The Ball

So basically I have been doing all types of research regarding best pickup techniques in bars and clubs. I literally have been eat, sleep and breathing pickup and extremely eager to field test all types of suggestions.

I call my wingman Mack. Mack is a 6'3" black guy. Some people seem to act slightly intimidated by him because he has that gangster rapper look to him. He has been my wingman ever since I turned 21.

There were many nights that Mack and I would hit the bars, split up, then hit on as many girls as possible with drinks flowed and enhanced our experience. These outings usually contained some type of adventure and ended with a trip to the strip club.

With that said, we have a history of gaming. I figured with all this new game knowledge I would have an extra edge and up my percentages of phone numbers and seeing these women again.

I also have a drive to not settle, I now will only settle for 7's, 8's, 9's and 10's.

Tonight we decide to do something different than our normal old thing and try a relatively upscale bar. We stroll around do some chit chat get a few drinks flowing. I see many beautiful women all around, many with their boyfriends, not that I cared.

Casually hanging by the bar probably the 2 hottest women at the bar came by and ordered drinks right next to me. With half a dozen lines programmed into my brain, suddenly I was blank.

I froze. I continued to drink my drink. Play it cool. Be a pussy.

Perhaps it was all in my head, these women were non-verbally saying "Please talk to us" and seemed to be hanging at that part of the bar a little longer than necessary, hoping I would break the ice.

I couldn't think of anything to say and they walked away. I suck.

A couple minutes later I realize this isn't getting me anywhere. We decide to leave and hit another bar.

As we hiked back to my car, we see a couple decently good looking girls in night attire round the corner, almost going into an alleyway. We become curious and follow them to a red carpet where 2 extremely large bouncers are standing by the door.

We end up sharing an elevator with the 2 girls, the prettier of the 2 made small chitchat with me as we came up. But then nothing more. Again I suck.

Mack decides I'm being a pussy. (He was right) This was unusual, I never freeze up this much. He decides to play a game involving one would put to females and the other would have to approach and we would take turns depending on how the sets went.

We decided to flip a coin. I won. He decided to sit and talk to 2 fat black chicks. In my mind, this doesn't count. Talking to two 3's does not equal even 1 girl who is a 6.

That shit was weak. He ended up talking to them for roughly half and hour and I stood and tried to look casual. I see a waitress, (I'd say she was an 8) sporting heels and a geisha dress.

I see her, I say... "Can I ask you something?" "You see, I have to grow a mustache for charity, I was wondering what kind would look good on me?"

She smiled half laughing and leaned in an said... "You know, you really can't go wrong with the Hitler mustache."

Then walked away.

I continued to suck at life for the remainder of my time there. I wonder now what I had to lose?

Now ironically as we are leaving the club Mack begins to call me out on being so lame and how obvious it was that I was not having fun.

We go snag some fast food. I say to myself, FUCK IT. What do I have to lose? The next place I am going to I am going to spit awesome game.

At this point Mack decides to meet up with a girl whom he was casually seeing. She said that she would meet us at another bar and her cousin would be there.

I assumed a couple things about the cousin who is tagging along. She's fat. She's ugly.

We get there her cousin is neither. She's probably an 8. Blonde. Large breasts. Wearing a floral dress.

I sat down next to her. I quickly pan around the bar and then say "Hey Mack..." I pointed across the bar at a guy. "Yep, thats the only other white guy here". "I now know how you feel when we go to other bars" He started to laugh because he typically says that same type of thing when we are at primarily white bars.

The 2 women at our table were also the handful of white chicks in the bar also. I began to game the cousin with the lines I had been trying to get out all night. I use the mustache line again and she barely laughs and begins to motion as if curling an invisible mustache. A few minutes in, she simply says almost cutting me off... "Yeah i have a boyfriend." I was like "Alright". And I continued to game her as if she hadn't said anything. Personally, she was pretty hot, her boyfriend was not there. As far as I'm concerned he didn't exist.

Mack and his girl started rubbing up on each other and kissing at the bar, I turn to her and say. "So talk to me, about anything... anything at all, just so I don't have to watch this"

At some points I directly said to her "Do you ever smile?" "Why are you so mad all the time?" "Lighten up, this is a fun place".

I figured I was on the bottom I couldn't get lower I really just need to give it my best shot.

We ended up heading out a little while later. I dropped Mack off after discussing our night and went home. I dropped the ball.


My name is Johnny Frost. No that is not my real name. I am not a nice guy.

I consider my life to be fun and unpredictable and finally worthy of documentation. I have many experiences and many more ahead.

This is a collection of experiences from my past as well as the present. These experiences have had names changed to prevent issues.