Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chapter 2 - Johnny Met The Crew

Johnny returned home soon after. At the time he worked in the garden center at a nearby Walmart. Strangely enough he liked what he did, he worked outside part of the time loading hundreds of bags of mulch in peoples cars and the best farmers tan money never bought.

Mandy and Johnny continued to talk on a daily basis looking forward to the next time they could be together. The two spent endless hours on the phone, she often talking to him for hours as she was at work.

At the time she worked for a company that created the packages that travel agents offer to their clients. Mandy's job was to either approve or deny wether or not the client was entitled to a refund.

One day, Johnny figured a way to keep things fresh and create a solid position in Mandy's eyes. This was obviously not crucial to their relationship. But Johnny learned early on that its the little things that make all the difference.

Johnny logged onto an online flower company who would arrange a bouquet and have it sent to her in Milwaukee. Johnny knew that women love showing off their men to others. The site asked what the note should say. He thoughtfully sat there until it came to him.

I find myself caring for you more and more with each passing day.

Johnny got a call soon after the flowers had arrived thanking him and how she adored him.
The two talked all the time having many laughs and personal stories.

Mandy told all her close coworkers about this new man in her life. (Of course lying about the original meeting location.) She showed pictures and her friends approved said he was cute particularly catching the eye of one of her homosexual coworker. At one point saying "Bitch i'm gonna steal your man."

Soon after, Johnny was back on the bus to Milwaukee. This time she picked him up in Chicago and they went strait back to Milwaukee. He was there for five days. She had a rough plan of fun things to do together while he was there.

The next day after arriving, Mandy had to drop some paperwork off at work and took Johnny so he could meet her coworkers/friends. Each of them came out. An outspoken middle aged black woman named Brenda came out and met him saying. "Did Mandy meet you at a tavern?, Thats where she meets all the boys?" "Brenda! No I don't!"

Mandy's best friend Bobbie came down and greeted him saying it was great to finally meet him and she was excited to go for drinks. Another friend, Lauren, a tan, slightly heavyset woman in her early 30's was having serious man trouble. Johnny gave her a big hug, and apologized for the luck she was having.

"Jazz is coming down." one person said. Johnny says "I'm gonna give him a hug", "Do it" Mandy said. The tall homosexual Jazz came running out flamboyantly and Johnny hugged him as if being reunited with lost parents on Oprah.

"He had such a boner as I hugged him. I don't know why I looked down. But he seemed to be excited all over." Johnny told Mandy as they drove away.

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